It's smooth sailing from here on out!

If you’re expecting a lame intro, it’s not going to happen. Buckle up!

I’m an open book, outgoing, over-caffeinated and I say goofy off the wall stuff. My humor is ridiculous! I’ll laugh at any joke, especially dad jokes (My Daughter is never amused). My beautiful wife Amanda who has blessed me with over a decade of marriage is my better half (Did she pay me to say that). Did I mention we love couples motorcycle runs? My daughter Maci and I love our time at the roller rink and Hersheypark. She still won’t get on the great bear roller coaster with me!  I have a crazy range of hobbies that I love. Going to the movies, binging on Netflix shows, building computers, gaming, trying out every coffee, cigars, and many more. I really enjoy trying new things (I’m taking suggestions)!

Let’s get real though. End of the day, only one thing matters. You. You matter. There are a bazillion artists out there that are super creative. For me, it’s all about you!

You deserve an easier wedding planning/process that should be simple and fun! Lifes busy, and that means your busy. That doesn’t mean you have to take it all on! Allow me to just wipe those concerns away. Don’t allow the process to be less than amazing. This is such a special day in your life! You deserve to enjoy that delicious wine while partying with your family and friends!

Timeline building, easy questionnaires, and smooth systems. You want to text/call me and ask for wedding advice? Do it! I’m here to make your day better!

Let me handle the details. I promise it doesn’t bother me! I geek out on weddings!

–  Josh Goodman, your no stress/bs photographer

Josh Goodman Productions

Stress-free, laughter filled days are ahead! Let me show you, your true self. You deserve it!


If you are looking for a videographer, look no further! Josh and his team were absolutely amazing to work with! They were some of my favorite vendors to work with! I unexpectedly had to find a new videographer ONE WEEK before my wedding. Needless to say, I was freaking out. Josh was recommended to me, so I reached out. They got our day-of schedule and everything together in a matter of days before our wedding and after my first time talking to Josh, I didn’t feel stressed at all. I knew he had us. On top of that, they were SO much fun to work with the day of and beyond. They would truly do anything to make your day the best it can be! They go above and beyond for their couples. I’m so appreciative and thankful I found them. Now, I have a beautiful highlight film and hours of raw footage to look back at my special day forever! ♥️ He is so personable and the video he made for us, it’s like he knows us because it really shows us as a couple. He takes the time to get to know his couples, this isn’t just a business for him. I give Josh Goodman Productions my highest recommendation.

Zach & Kylie | Hopkins Wedding

My fiancé and I are so lucky to have met Josh at a wedding expo in Lancaster, PA! He was so pleasant and professional from the moment we first spoke, and his work is phenomenal. The venue we've chosen is a low-light location, and his expertise with using flash in his photography and making it look soft and natural is exactly what I was looking for! He is very responsive, friendly, and is easy to communicate with. Josh really takes the time to discuss your ideas with you, and truly wants to understand what your vision for your wedding is, and bring it to fruition.

I'm still in awe of the gorgeous engagement photos he took of us in downtown Lancaster! I couldn't be happier with them, and they perfectly captured the vintage, 1920s vibe I was hoping for. He did thorough research of cities in the surrounding area, scoping for the best spots to serve as a backdrop for our photography session. Josh made us feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, and we had such a fun time with them from start to finish! It was so cold out during our photos, Josh and his production manager, Matt, were completely fine with taking the time for me to take a break to warm up in a cafe before resuming the session. I can't wait for our wedding day, and to work with him more!

Annie Rodgers | Engagement Session

Josh is simply amazing. Everything was way beyond what we had expected. He planned out our timeline and made sure everything ran smoothly the day of our wedding. I can NOT praise him enough. Josh and his asst Anthony made our dream wedding completely. You will not go wrong in picking Josh to do either your engagement pics or wedding pics as well. ❤️

Tammy & Jason | Fryer Wedding

My Fiancé and I loved working with Josh. He is one amazing photographer. Josh is the first person to capture amazing photos without my fiancé ruining the picture (he doesn't take photos well lol) there's so many positive things I could say about Josh but you have to see for yourself.

Jordan and Whitney | Engagement Session

Josh was an amazing videographer! He was very responsive throughout the whole process and helped us plan every detail of the timeline! He communicated well with other vendors and helped the day go as smooth as possible! I’m in love with the video and the way Josh perfectly captured our day! I was very impressed with the quality of the video and appreciated the fact that we also got raw footage of the day! Josh truly cares about his clients and goes the extra mile to make sure that they are happy! Thank you for everything!

Courtney & Dustin | Shauf Wedding

Above and Beyond in every way!!!
Josh and his team did an incredible job on our wedding videography! Highly recommend! The amount of detail in the video was incredible and the editing was very high quality Josh and his team did an incredible job on our wedding videography!

Tiffany & Nick | Barbosa Wedding

Josh did an amazing job with our engagement photos. He was professional and made our experience very enjoyable and fun. We are looking forward to having him photograph our wedding as well!

Lexi & Brian | Engagement Session

We absolutely love our wedding photos and are very pleased with the outcome! Great quality and service! Josh is very friendly, professional, and kept tabs as the date was approaching, including a questionnaire with specific details for our day and meeting up to make sure everything was just right!

Francisco & Evelice | Santiago Wedding

Frequently Asked Questions

We'd love for you to read all these so you understand how our experience will benefit you.

Please visit our contact page, we'd love to speak with you!

What to look for when choosing a photography/videography company.

When doing research for your favorite photographer/videographer, quality of work is very important, but it goes way beyond that!

You want someone who has a personality who meshes really well with you, remember, you will be spending over a year or more with this vendor.

Consults, questionnaires, photoshoots, follow-ups, and the final product. You want someone who can bring out your personality, who takes time to get to know you both. Someone who truly cares about you and what they do for a living.

Legal and insured businesses. You don't want someone who hasn't taken the time to build legal contracts, didn't register the business, and never got insurance. Contracts also hold businesses accountable.

The photographer/videographer should also be more than willing to show galleries or films if you ask to see a full one. If you get any blowback on that, run.

Backups, if anything, could become one of the scariest parts for clients if the vendor half-asses it! We backup on multiple sources.

These are some of the things you want in a photographer/videographer.

We hold these values

Do you offer Photography and Film?

Yes we do! We are very passionate about photography and film and could never choose which one we love more!

My partner doesn't like/isn't comfortable with pictures. How do you handle that?

You will dieeeee laughing at this. My Wife, Daughter and I get family portraits done every year. I'm the one who dislikes being in front of the camera. NO JOKE. I love being behind the camera. I can totally understand your partners feelings. We handle it very simply. Humor... We bring the humor. Once we understand who you both are (we do figure that out fast), we find ways to bring your real self out. Rest assured, I can gladly show you portraits of couples who say this to me all the time and afterwards there mind is blown!

Are you LGBT friendly?

Absolutely! <3

Have you been to our wedding venue? What if you haven't?

This isn't a concern to a professional whose been in the business awhile. There are some venues I'm at more frequently than others, and I love working at those venues with my friends but I also enjoy new venues I've never been to as well!

Rest assured we do scout out new venues and show up extra early on our own time as well to check the lay of the land as lighting for that day/month can be different than others. If you'd like us to do a venue walkthrough with you, we'd gladly do it! A new venue does NOT present a hard challenge for us. Our years of experience and training allow us to adapt to any new location. We promise amazing results whether it's a new venue or one of the repeat venues that we love.

How do we see all our forms like contracts and questionnaires? What about our invoices and photography galleries?

This is super cool right here, you'll love this! We have private client portals for each customer.

Proposals, contracts, invoices, payments, questionnaires, and client photography galleries all in one central place. No annoying digging or searching. We make it simple! We hate extra steps that are annoying and time-consuming. We always look for ways to make life easier and smoother for everyone.

How many weddings have you captured?

We generally capture 30-50 weddings a year. We are so fortunate to do this full time!

Will you be my photographer, or will it be an associate photographer/videographer?

If I'm personally open that date I would be the photographer or film maker (depending on what you choose). If you hire us for both and I'm capturing photography, I'd have an associate handling the video end (or vise versa). If I'm not available for either, my associates would handle both. This would be told immediately before the contract is signed. Our associates are hand picked and work with us often. They are just flat out amazing! You deserve the best, and that's what we give you.

Do you offer second shooter or assistants? Is there an additional fee for each?

We offer second photographers/videographers as a add on. The more we learn about you and your day, the option may be suggested. Your collection is built around you!

What is your retainer to lock you in?

We require a 25% retainer when your contract is signed. This holds us for your day! Retainers are non refundable for that reason.

What is the turnaround time for our photography and film to be delivered?

Due to the nature of weddings, completion and product delivery time may vary. We do not promise an exact turnaround date for photography and film. The average is 60 calendar days after your wedding for the photography gallery. Highlight films average completion in 90 calendar days.

Do you use a shot list? Or do you prefer to have full creative freedom?

Weddings being our passion we always have a solid game plan of what we want to capture for the day. A small shot list is welcome if you have one, although we do our best work not feeling constrained to a long list. We feel you are hiring us for our eye, style and experience in the industry.